Register calls out “Ag Gag” in two great articles.

We thought you would want to see these two great articles in today’s Des Moines Register that call out the recently passed “Ag Gag” bill for what it is – a total industry power grab:


On the front page:  


‘Ag gag’ bill may gag free speech, say legal scholars
My favorite quote is from Randall Wilson from the Iowa Civil Liberties Union: “We all know it’s a thinly veiled attempt to eliminate investigative reporting and whistle-blowing regarding abuses in our food production chain.

My least favorite quote is from former family farm champion turned industry sell out Senator Jack Kibbie: “There were 16 votes out of our 26” Senate Democrats, said Kibbie, D-Emmetsburg. “It made a statement on agriculture.” Kibbie noted examples where animal rights groups are pushing for farmers to stop using cages, situations that have caused egg production costs to spike in other countries and increased concerns about such things as bird flu. “They’re nibbling away at production agriculture.”


On the editorial page:   


Livestock ‘fraud’ bill is disappointing, How can it be a crime to tell the truth? 
What the bill really does is make it a criminal act for an employee to report what happens inside those facilities. Put another way, whistle-blowers could be fined or jailed for telling the truth.


We agree with the Des Moines Register: Gov. Branstad should veto the “Ag Gag” bill!


Join members from across the state and tell Gov. Terry Branstad (515-281-5211) to veto “Ag Gag” today.
Please report back to let us know how your call goes.

And, with two great articles, now is a great time to submit a letter to the editor on this issue. Send your short, punchy letters to:


Thanks for all you do – your actions make a big difference!

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