Our take on 2014’s first funnel

Last Friday marked the first funnel — the date that bills not passing out of their original committee were funneled out of consideration. That also “funnels” what bills we’ll be tracking for the rest of the session.

To pass the second funnel on March 14th, a bill must pass out of one chamber (the bill’s originating chamber) and out of a corresponding committee in the opposite chamber.

Below are the surviving people-first bills we’re working to push, and bad bills we’re working to stop:

[FYI – bill numbers are apt to change. We’ll do our best to keep them updated as they’re assigned new numbers.]

Good bills we’re pushing:

  • Senate File 2260: Raising the minimum wage (this bill could do more, like tie to inflation and go higher, but it is a start and Senate Dems are looking for a compromise they can get Republican support on)
  • Senate File 2278: Online voter Reg – allows for voters to register online
  • Senate File 2203: Felon voting rights restoration – clears up the process for convicted felons to regain the right to vote once they have completed their sentence
  • Senate File 2295: Cracking down on Wage Theft – enhanced penalties for businesses that engage in wage theft.


Bad bills we’re working to stop:

  • House File 2367: Dropping factory farm manure application certification down to 2 hours from 3. This bill is eligible for debate on the House floor.


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