One simple way Kim Reynolds could improve the state in 2018 — and what we expect in the legislative session this year

Another year is here, another world is possible.

We’re set on making 2018 a People & Planet First movement building year – starting with the legislative session and going through the November elections (and beyond).  Are you in?

Quick 2017 legislative session reflections:
Republicans swept the 2016 elections and we faced unprecedented legislative attacks on wages, water, and the safety and well being of thousands in our communities. We called it a “corporate coup d’état,” our friends at the Iowa Policy Project called it a “Session of Suppression.”

Regardless, you fought back. You stood strong and stood with others, you resisted and persisted. In spite of tough odds, we claimed small victories. Last year you:

  • stopped attempts by corporate agribusiness to dismantle the Des Moines Water Works in retaliation for DMWW’s clean water lawsuit, and stopped attempts to rob-peter-to-pay-paul on water quality funding (for now);
  • stopped attacks on our immigrant neighbors (for now); and,
  • mobilized thousands around the state to pack legislative town halls in their communities; blanketed the media with Letters-to-the-Editor; and took the fight-back directly to legislators at the capitol.

Our 2018 legislative session forecast:
It’s the second year of the two-year session and it’s an election year, meaning we expect a short, packed session. Here are the big issues we’ll weigh in on:

  • BUDGET: There’s a lot of debate among Iowa legislators on how to address the continued decline in our state’s revenues. Many will call for even more cuts to the current and future budgets, which will threaten funding for education, human services, our environment and more.  OUR TAKE: This is a revenue crisis, not a budget or spending crisis. Corporations need to pay their fair share.
  • WATER QUALITY: State leaders are feeling the heat from Iowans over hog factory expansions and the record number of impaired waterways, closed beaches, and no-drink advisories. Instead of addressing the problem, the legislative debate will center around how to fund Iowa’s failed [voluntary] Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Gov. Reynolds has even said a water quality funding bill is her top priority. OUR TAKE: Agri-business giants get the profits, we get the pollution. They need to pay their fair share of cleaning up Iowa’s water crisis. And, we need mandatory rules and regulations, paired with tough enforcement, to stop pollution where it starts and clean up our water.
  • MEDICAID/HEALTHCARE: Reynolds’s privatized Medicaid mess is failing our families. Countless stories of inadequate care, systematic denials of services, and a lack of affordable options show we must act now. OUR TAKE: We need to get profits out of healthcare. We need to guarantee quality healthcare for all, and Gov. Reynolds can start us down that path single-handedly by un-privatizing our Medicaid!
  • IMMIGRATION: A few legislators, emboldened by the national political climate, are pushing an extreme agenda to grease the wheels for Trump’s anti-immigrant measures. A bill that takes away local control of law enforcement is still in play. OUR TAKE: We’ll work to stop any bill forcing our community police to work as immigration officers.

Put these important legislative dates in your calendar today!