Legislators intent on bad “Ag Gag” bill

Bill is blatant attempt to silence critical voices

>>UPDATE: Click here for an update on this bill.

Despite massive public disapproval, legislators – both Democrats and Republicans alike – are intent on passing the “Ag gag” bill. As currently written, House File 589 would make it a felony (yes, a felony) to videotape or photograph in or around factory farms.

Last year, HF 589  passed both the House and Senate Ag committees, but was curbed as it was deemed unconstitutional (as a violation of free speech).

This year, Senators are working with the Attorney General to amend it to make it constitutional and get it passed.

CCI members held court with Sen. Ag chair Joe Seng, a Democrat, at our Jan. 10 lobby day. Sen. Seng told members he was intent on finding a way to pass the bad "Ag gag" bill.

This bill is a blatant attempt to silence citizen’s voices and stifle free speech. And, as many of you have said – a solution in search of a problem. It also appears as pure catering to corporate ag. At a time when there are so many critical issues on the table, it’s frustrating to learn so much time is being spent to pass this bad bill.

As it stands now, the bill is in the Senate and eligible for debate. We suspect it will go back to the Senate Ag Committee for some changes, though. We’ve also heard that some may try to tack nuisance lawsuit protection for factory farm operators on to the bill as an amendment. Nuisance lawsuit protection means stopping people from being able to sue factory farms.

Please know that we’ll continue to track this bill and others closely. Stay tuned and we will let you know when to take action.




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