July 21 Workshop Lineup

A Future Worth Fighting for
CCI Action 2018 Convention

Saturday, July 21, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Community Choice Convention Center
833 5th Ave, Des Moines 50309


Are you ready to fight for the future of Iowa?

The stakes are high in 2018! Almost all statewide offices are up for election, including the Governor’s seat. This election will shape Iowa for generations. We need to fight today for our shared future and be clear about what it should look like.

Join us July 21 for an energizing, inspiring, and powerful day that will turn the resistance of today into political power for the bold solutions we need — healthcare for all, clean energy, clean water, living wages, and racial justice.

Our Speaker Lineup:


Senator Nina Turner
President, Our Revolution

Nina is a fearless truth teller and insightful agent for social change. Widely known as a national surrogate for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on the 2016 campaign trail, she now serves as president of Our Revolution, where she works to empower progressive leaders and elevate political consciousness.


The Power of Art, Culture, and Storytelling in Social Justice Movements
Favianna Rodriguez
Artist, Executive Director, CultureStrike

Even the slickest issue campaign can’t compete with a poet’s turn-of-phrase, that song stuck in your head, or the power of dancing together in the street. Those who control the narrative can control what people believe is possible. Nationally known cultural organizer and printmaker Favianna Rodriguez will share how artists have been key in changing political conversations. Together, we’ll learn how we can combine the power of organizing with the power of art and storytelling to create more impactful societal and political change.


Panel Member
Rashad Robinson

Rashad leads the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, driven by over one million members, and appears regularly in major media outlets as a source, guest, and op-ed author.

Formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Color of Change uses online resources to strengthen the voice of African Americans. They have successfully developed strategies to force over 100 corporations out of ALEC, frame and win net neutrality as a major civil rights issue, successfully hold local district attorneys accountable, and more.

Kevin Simowitz headshotThe Fight of Our Lives: Building a Caring Majority in Our Healthcare System
Kevin Simowitz
Political Director, Caring Across Generations

In the U.S.A., someone turns 65 years old every eight seconds — a demographic that requires a new vision for our care infrastructure. Elected officials haven’t built a plan to meet our care needs, but rather have put corporate interests and profit ahead of people. In this workshop, Kevin Simowitz of Caring Across Generations will examine how we can advance a vision for universal long-term care that supports seniors, people with disabilities, and the caregivers themselves.

Kevin brings years of organizing experience to powerful campaigns at Caring Across Generations, a national initiative to transform the long-term care system and change the way we care in this country. Their work brings together families, caregivers, people with disabilities, and aging Americans to create a new way to live well and age with dignity.


Chris Woolery headshotMaking our Energy Utilities Work for Us: 100% Clean Energy for All
Chris Woolery
Program Coordinator, How$martKY

Monopoly energy utilities are becoming the major roadblocks preventing us from transitioning to clean energy quickly and equitably. Expert and activist Chris Woolery will share his work in Kentucky to make sure all people have access to clean energy and energy efficiency, and we’ll discuss how we can push for climate solutions that benefit all people in Iowa.

Chris is an energy and Just Transition activist with Kentuckians for the Commonweath. A pioneer in efficient construction and remodeling, he leads a program that partners with rural electric cooperatives to design, finance, and install home energy efficiency upgrades that are paid for directly out of energy savings on utility bills.


Organizing in Trump Country: Beating Back Corporate Ag’s Attack in Missouri
Rhonda Perry & Tim Gibbons,
Directors, Missouri Rural Crisis Center

The factory farm industry has a plan – in order to fight it, we must also be strategic and organized. Missouri Rural Crisis Center (MRCC) members have successfully beat back Corporate Ag’s attempts to eliminate local control in Missouri. Join longtime rural organizers Rhonda Perry and Tim Gibbons to learn how we can use the factory farm issue to organize across party lines and political leanings to build power and win.

For two decades, the Missouri Rural Crisis Center has successfully beat back Corporate Ag’s attempts to eliminate local control in Missouri. Their work on local food systems, farm policy, healthcare, and democracy issues prove that you can build power and organize across political leanings and party affiliations.


From Protest to Power: Movement Politics in Practice
Cathy Glasson and Ross Grooters
Homegrown Movement Politicians

Over the past year, CCI Action has taken big steps forward in the electoral arena. We’re putting our theory of movement politics into practice by training, supporting, and electing CCI Action members to public office. Join movement candidates Cathy Glasson (gubernatorial candidate) and Ross Grooters (Pleasant Hill City Council Member) for a discussion on movement politics: what it is, how it’s worked so far, and what’s next.

These longtime CCI Action members ran for Iowa elected office by pushing a bold progressive issue platform. They are powerful examples of how candidates and elected officials can work with organizations like CCI Action to do politics differently and score big victories for everyday people.

Join the movement. What are you fighting for?


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