We visited Iowa Select

Check out this photo from a powerful action last week. Then, keep reading to see which clean water champion we’re voting for on June 5th!

Over one hundred people gathered at Iowa Select Headquarters in Iowa Falls to demand CEO Jeff Hansen withdraw all pending factory farm applications and immediately stop building factory farms.

Iowa Select has more than 500 factory farms and has been expanding aggressively in the past year, despite mounting public calls for clean water and a moratorium on factory farm construction.

We don’t take direct action lightly.  We do it when corporations like Iowa Select leave us no other choice.

Building factory farms is not Iowa nice. Polluting our precious water with millions of gallons of untreated manure is not Iowa nice. Sickening our communities with hazardous air emissions is not Iowa nice,” read the letter we delivered yesterday.

Read our full press release here.

The frustration and anger in the countryside is thick. 

Members run up against the factory farms industry’s political influence at every level – from the county supervisor to the statehouse.

In 2017 alone, the Hansen family donated $275,000 to the gubernatorial campaign for Governor Kim Reynolds. That ain’t right!

And, more often than not, Democrats are too scared to buck against this industry. For decades, they’ve only offered us lip service and half measures.

That is, until now.

There is only one candidate for governor who isn’t afraid to stand up to the corporate factory farm industry. Her name is Cathy Glasson. 

Cathy is a longtime CCI Action member, nurse, and union organizer. We’re standing with Cathy Glasson for Governor because Cathy is standing with us. Her farm and environment platform comes directly from our members’ input.

She was the first candidate to call for a factory farm moratorium, and she believes that polluters – not everyday people – should pay to clean up corporate ag’s mess.

The Tuesday, June 5th Democratic primary is an important moment to take a stand on this issue.   

Cathy is the best candidate on this issue, and she’s also the best candidate to beat Kim Reynolds in November.

To beat Kim Reynolds, it’s going to take a whole lot more new people coming out to vote. Democrats have been losing in Iowa because they talk to the same small group of Democratic voters and shy away from our rural areas. Our politically diverse membership shows that Iowans care about issues, not party politics.

Cathy is following a totally different playbook. She truly is doing politics differently.

We know that Iowa Select will continue to expand unless we continue to join together, organize, and take bold action.  We also know that if we don’t elect OUR people to office the balance of power will always be on the industry’s side.

Please join us in our next action – voting for Cathy Glasson for Governor in the June 5th primary.  When we take action together- we are unstoppable.

Do you agree with us that Cathy is the best candidate to beat Kim Reynolds in November? Let us know by taking our June 5th primary poll.

Voting in Iowa has changed

Did you know that voting has already started? That’s right – people across the state are voting by mail now. Find out how, and about the new voter ID law.

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