Iowa CCI Action Endorses Bernie Sanders in the 2020 race

Our vision of changing business-as-usual politics starts and stops with people and our planet. That’s movement politics – bringing real people, our issues and our solutions into the center of our political system.

We believe that our health, our water, and our climate are too important to be compromised for profit. We’re ready for a candidate who believes the same to be in the fight with us.

Recently we’ve seen more and more candidates from the local to national level who challenge the political and economic establishment and support bold progressive solutions to the issues we face every day.

Some 2020 Presidential candidates have been embracing or acknowledging movement politics. But only one of them has been doing it for decades, just like Iowa CCI Action and our sister organization Iowa CCI.

That’s why Iowa CCI Action is endorsing Bernie Sanders. We’re standing with Bernie because Bernie stands with us.

This wasn’t a decision we made lightly. Throughout our 7-month endorsement process led by a team of 26 CCI Action members, we have been impressed by multiple candidates.

In addition to Senator Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro have stood with us on the issues and have shown a commitment to co-governing with movement organizations.

While we may disagree over who to personally support, we hope we can agree that 2020 represents a watershed moment for us to win big on movement politics and go toe-to-toe with the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.

For Iowa CCI Action, Bernie is the candidate who is, and has been consistently:

  • with us on our issues
  • excites us and our base
  • has a plan to win, and,
  • is with us on our theory of change and co-governance

We’re committed to using this endorsement to lift up our people and planet first demands and take on the corporate power that wants to maintain the “business as usual” status quo. Electing Bernie Sanders is part of the bigger fight to put People and Planet First.

This Thursday Iowa CCI Action members will formally announce our endorsement at a rally and press conference at our headquarters. Following our announcement, we’ll board a bus to take direct action on the corporate interests standing in the way of Medicare for All.

Join us Thursday, December 5 at 11:30am at the CCI Action headquarters (2001 Forest Ave, Des Moines) by clicking here or calling 515-282-0484.

From standing with us on strike lines with fast food workers to touring rural Iowa plagued by factory farms, Bernie has helped build the political revolution we’ve been building for decades. And we could not be more excited to have him build it with us in Iowa in 2020.

Please stand with us on Thursday, December 5th to fight for Medicare for All and the political revolution we need.

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