Governor Branstad’s website

Governor Branstad has just helped launch a website to “improve water quality” in Iowa. The website (which costs taxpayers around $24,000 to build) touts the failed strategy of voluntary compliance practices to address the water quality crisis in Iowa. Check out the details in the Des Moines Register here.

We know voluntary compliance doesn’t work, but Branstad still refuses to address the underlying causes of polluted water in Iowa – corporate ag, and a lack of strong and effective public oversight on factory farms.

Governor Branstad’s website and public relations scheme is not a real solution to Iowa’s water pollution.

We’re looking towards the legislative session in January, and it’s time to clean it up. We need government and state leaders that will take real steps to clean up Iowa’s water, and real action at the legislative level – not “voluntary solutions” to a critical clean water emergency – one that effects everyday Iowans to the core.

But we need to know you’re in, and ready to help us hold leaders accountable at the Statehouse.


Will you join us, and pledge to hold our government and state leaders accountable to everyday Iowans, and the water we depend on?


When you take the pledge, you’re promising to stand with us at the Statehouse – and beyond. And we promise to stand with you and provide you the tools you need to fight back and stand up for clean water and real change that gives us a government that works for everyone


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