Get involved with upcoming election strategy in Iowa!

The stakes of the 2020 presidential election are huge. We all know that. 

But the stakes of the 2022 elections in Iowa are going to be just as important – and may have even more effect on our every day lives.

The way to build an Iowa beyond profits, pollution, and police violence is simple and CCI members have been doing it for decades: organize everyday people around real issues, and do it for the long haul.

As our tables get longer and the bills pile up, our wages aren’t keeping up. As the pandemic rages on, as the economic crisis threatens our ability to afford rent, and police attacks on our communities continue, it has become clear that Gov. Reynolds’s profit-centric agenda is the foundation of the Iowa Republican party.

This crisis has hit home for my family, too. Last week my mom went to the hospital for emergency surgery. She got two dozen staples in her stomach and is doing alot better now. While she’s recovering at the hospital, her mind is busy, fixed on how she will make ends meet. On how she will afford rent for herself and my brother, and how she will pay the hospital bill. She should be able to rest and to heal. It’s not right. 

This story isn’t unique for Iowa families. But the good news is, this year we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the balance of power in Iowa. We begin to build toward an Iowa that has:

● Medicare for All

● A Green New Deal & Jobs Guarantee

● A moratorium on factory farms

● And a new form of community accountability beyond policing.

And Iowa CCI Action has a plan to get there. We are looking at key races across the state that can build our people power this year, and through to defeating Kim Reynolds in 2022.

We have started the first step of our endorsement process by sending out questionnaires to candidates. You can read here to see what issues candidates need to take a stand on this year.

Take a look at the races we are looking at:

● House District 55:

Micheal Bergan (R) v. Kayla Koether (D)

● House District 60:

David Williams (D) v. Ryan Howard (R)

● House District 73:

Bobby Kaufman (R) v. Lonny Pulkabrek (D)

● House District 92:

Ross Paustian (R) v. Jennifer Kakert (D)

● Senate District 20:

Brad Zaun (R) v. Rhonda Martin (D)

● Senate District 22:

Sarah Garriott (D) v. Scott Cirksena (R)

● Senate District 30:

Eric Giddens (D) v. Harold Youngblut (R)

In order to have an impact in these races, we’re going to need a lot of help. We have big goals to hit, including filling over 900 shifts of phone banking and text banking to talk with people about issues.

You can sign up here to help us do what we have always done: organize everyday people around real issues and invite them into the long term movement we are building.

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