Four questions every gubernatorial candidate must answer

The Branstad era is over, but our work is just getting started!

We know that Reynolds represents a continuation of Branstad’s pro-corporate policies, and she’s made it clear that she’s planning on running for another term in 2018.

Now is the time to start asking ALL gubernatorial candidates where they stand on the issues that matter to Iowans.

A competitive primary process is a BIG opportunity for us to push our issues and help shape the issue environment that our elected officials and candidates operate in.

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is the time to ask targeted questions – beyond stump speeches – and challenge candidates to be bolder.

Here are the four questions that we think all candidates for governor must answer:

  1. Clean Water: Iowa has a clean water crisis, and runoff from factory farms is a major cause. Do you support a moratorium on new or expanding factory farms until there are fewer than 100 polluted waterbodies?
  1. Immigration: Last year, the Iowa Legislature proposed legislation that would pit our law enforcement agencies against our immigrant and refugee friends and neighbors. Will you protect ALL communities by ensuring that no law enforcement agency in Iowa will be deputized under Immigration and Customs Enforcement?
  1. Raising the wage: Living wages are good for workers, our families, our business and our communities. In 2016, Mike Gronstal and Senate Democrats proposed a measly increase to $8.75/hour.  Do you support a statewide living wage of at least $15/hour for all Iowa workers?
  1. Healthcare: Everyone has the right to quality healthcare but Iowans are receiving worse healthcare than ever.  Will you implement a state-level Medicare for All program?

We’ll be tracking how all gubernatorial candidates answer these four questions – and you can help!

Candidates are already holding campaign events across the state. If you get a chance, ask one of these questions, then contact us at 515-255-0800 or to let us know how they answer.

Join the fight!

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