Dec. 12: Weigh in on Branstad’s “Orascam” giveaway and budget proposal

We’re calling it a “good government day of action” when we’ll attend – and more importantly, testify at – two high-profile budget hearings at the State Capitol.


December 12 is an incredible opportunity to have a big impact and to frame the budget/tax debate on our terms rather than Branstad’s.

Two hearings – two key opportunities to frame the debate.

  • Weigh in on Gov. Branstad’s “Orascam” Giveaway—Gov. Branstad has given out record economic development incentives, at the same time he is trying to cut vital public services. That isn’t right! Attend the State Tax Incentive Review Committee Hearing to let him and the legislature know! Public Comment begins at 11:30 AM.
  • Weigh in on Gov. Branstad’s proposed budget—The state of Iowa has a nearly $1 Billion surplus, yet Gov. Branstad says we need to cut services so we can cut taxes for big corporations. Attend the Dept. of Management’s annual hearing to tell Branstad to put people first and our communities before corporations! Public Comment begins at 4 PM.

We’ll meet at the CCI statewide HQ at 10am sharp to prep, internalize our talking points, and get jazzed up to take on corporate power and articulate our vision of what a more just and democratic Iowa looks like starting with the biggest issue of them all – the state budget.

Because we know the rest of our issues don’t matter if we don’t have the money to implement and enforce the law and policies that “put people first”.

The state budget is OUR MONEY, and it should be used to fully fund vital public services like education, the environment, health-care, infrastructure upgrades to roads and bridges, and a fair contract for public employees. It should NOT be given away wholesale to big corporations and the super-rich like Branstad wants!

December 12 is an important opportunity to set up the next four months of the 2012 legislative session, including giving us a lot of momentum going into our big “Money Out, People In: Kickoff at the Capitol” on January 15.

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