CCI continues the fight for clean water

CCI members have been busy defending Iowa’s water from Senate File 418/ House File 512, legislation that would allow factory farms to store overflowing manure and hogs in abandoned factory farms. We’ve turned out dozens of folks at the capitol from across Iowa, met with over twenty legislators, sent over 300 letters to decision makers, and made over 100 phone call to Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal.

On March 19th, CCI Action hosted an Emergency Clean Water Day of Action. CCI members started the day with a press conference detailing to allies, onlookers, and media the dangers of SF418/ HF512. Following a powerful rally, dozens of CCI members lobbied over 20 legislators asking them to stand with everyday Iowans and kill the bill.

Prior to CCI’s  Emergency Clean Water Day of Action, CCI’s director Hugh Espey asked of Iowans, “Will senate democrats stand with everyday people or the factory farm lobby?” Check out the Des Moines Register article here.

Thanks to those of you who’ve taken the time to email, meet, and call your legislators- it’s having a big impact. We want to keep the pressure going all week. Do you have thirty seconds to call Senator Gronstal’s office today at (515) 281- 3901 and ask that he stand with Iowans and block SF418 from coming up for a vote? In the mean time, we’ll continue to fight this bad factory farm manure loophole legislation.


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