Branstad’s bad budget plan

Join us December 1 for a Statewide Strategy Session and January 15 for our “Money Out, People In:  Kickoff at the Capitol”


The 2012 elections are over, and the 2013 Iowa Legislative Session is just around the corner.

This is what we know:

The state of Iowa is sitting on a nearly $1 billion budget surplus, and rather than reinvest in vital public services like education, environmental protections, health-care, and workers rights, Governor Branstad wants to use the extra money to cut taxes for Iowa’s biggest corporations and richest citizens.

The state budget is important because it affects all of us.  None of our “Put People First” priorities – like cracking down on factory farm pollution, predatory lending, and wage theft – matter if state agencies don’t have the money to enforce strong and effective public oversight.

That’s why we’re expecting the 2013 legislative session to be a major fight between Branstad’s pro-corporate agenda and our vision of what a more just and democratic Iowa looks like.

But we’re in a strong and exciting position to drive forward a narrative of a good government that puts the common good before corporate greed.  In addition to taking on Branstad’s bad budget plan head-on, we have a real opportunity to move statewide interest rate caps on payday loans, stronger wage theft protections for Iowa’s workers, and new rules to combat air and water pollution by factory farms.

That’s because all year long Iowa CCI members just like you have fought local campaigns that have recovered thousands of dollars in stolen wages, pushed payday lenders to the margins of city limits, and stopped factory farms from being built in rural communities across Iowa.

The winds of change are at our backs.  There’s a feeling in the air that the power of everyday people is on the march, and that corporate power is on the defensive.  That’s why we’re excited to start planning a powerful – and fun – campaign to win real change at the statehouse next year.

That change starts with you.

Can you join us for these two very special events?

  1. Legislative Strategy Session, Saturday, December 1, 12-4pm, Iowa CCI statewide headquarters (2001 Forest Avenue, Des Moines).
    Get the post-election/pre-legislative session scoop from Iowa CCI Action policy staff and hear (Iowa Policy Project and CCI crowd favorite) David Osterberg’s take on Branstad’s budget and tax proposals and – more importantly – how we can go on offense to get action on issues you care about. Together we’ll make plans to ensure our Jan. 15 legislative kickoff is as people-powerful as possible.
  2. “Money Out, People In!”:  Kickoff at the Capitol, Tuesday, January 15, 9am-4pm, Iowa State Capitol.
    Help kick off the legislative session in a people-powerful way. This is an important and fun day you don’t want to miss. We’ll meet with top decision makers, key legislators and stand alongside hundreds of everyday Iowans who (just like you) are ready to stand up and speak out to put our communities before corporations.  Busses planned from Dubuque and Waterloo, Iowa City and Grinnell and Ames areas.

The elections are over, but the next movement has just begun.  Send us a note and let us know you’re in for these two events and can help us take action and have a big impact.

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