Bad manure bill passes – we’re gearing up for a clean water fight!

this legislative session, Senate insiders told us Senate File 418, a bad manure bill, would not be debated this year. But 2013’s Senate Majority Leader Gronstal put it back on the debate calendar, and it eventually passed the Senate.

Hundreds of you took action to stop SF 418, a bill that would reward bad management by allowing factory farm operators to dump overflowing manure into abandoned factory farms, and that’s why Gronstal took it off the debate calendar.

Ultimately, as the Senate Majority Leader, Gronstal had the power to stop this bill. But, with less than 72 hours left in the 2013 legislative session, he brought it up for debate – not because it’s urgent or important, but as a favor for the factory farm lobby.

It’s frustrating, if not maddening – but it’s not wholly unexpected, either.

The corporate ag lobby is entrenched at the Statehouse. But thanks to you, we gave them hell every step of the way. They wanted this to fly under the radar unnoticed, and tried to pass it off as a bill for young farmers. You made them expose the true intent – storing overflowing manure due to bad management.

As always, we’ve got our work cut out for us, and we’re gearing up for a clean water battle this summer and into 2014 and the next election season. As a member once told us, the only time we lose is when we stop fighting.

This summer, we’re looking for everyday Iowans like you to join us in the fight for clean water. Are you ready?

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