Announcing the Iowa People’s Presidential Forum on September 21

The 2020 elections must respond to the needs of people, not big money and wealthy corporations – this election is happening from the grassroots up.

It all starts with presidential candidate forums held by People’s Action in four states and anchored in Iowa by CCI Action.

RSVP now to The Iowa People’s Presidential Forum on September 21

Multiracial, working class people are the stars of these fourms, and no bland stump speeches are allowed! 

Candidates will be invited onstage for real conversations with everyday people about big solutions to the struggles facing the multiracial working class.

What Are We Talking About?

  • Improved Medicare for All
  • Unions for All
  • A Factory Farm Moratorium
  • A 100% Just Green New Deal
  • Homes Guarantee
  • Free College for All

We’ll tell our stories and ask presidential candidates to commit to partnering with us to enact our platform if they are elected. You’ll hear from family farmers, first generation immigrants, and workers being paid poverty wages.

These measures will kick the profiteers out of healthcare, energy, housing, and college. We’ll establish a public guaranteed right to healthcare when people are sick, homes when we can’t make the rent, college regardless of our income, and an energy sector that is 100% renewable, community-controlled and that benefits the people hurt the worst by pollution and climate change.

People aren’t just building our platform: they are committing to vote, volunteer, and give money to enact our platform, run a Movement Politics campaign that puts people before donors, and elect leaders who will co-govern with movement organizations.

RSVP now on the Facebook page so you will be the first to know when tickets are available. 

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