2016 Convention Feature: Food and Water Watch



We’re taking on corporate ag and their factory farm pollution—and we’re winning. The fight has been getting stronger and stronger and our powerful legal allies from Food and Water Watch, an organization unrivaled in championing healthy food and clean water for all, are bringing their expertise to tell us all we need to know. Join us to  get the latest on the federal Clean Water Act and bad pollution trading schemes (voluntary measures that don’t work) from Tarah and Michelle!


Michelle and Tarah duo

Michele Merkel – National Co-Director of Food & Water Justice, at Food & Water Watch.

Michele uses her expertise to take on corporate polluters and stand up for our environment and everyday people. She’s been an important partner in our fight against factory farms, helping us launch our campaign to bring Iowa into compliance with the federal Clean Water Act.

Tarah Heinzen – Staff Attorney at Food & Water Justice, at Food & Water Watch

Before joining Food & Water Watch, Tarah spent five years as an attorney at the Environmental Integrity Project, leading programs focused on enforcing laws that regulate factory farm water and air pollution in Iowa.  Tarah helped Iowa CCI members lead the Clean Water Fight in 2014 and continues to push for tougher enforcement on the Clean Water Act across the country.


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