What’s at stake in the budget showdown

Amanda Devecka-Rinear is the Revenue Campaign Director for National People’s Action in Washington, DC.  She will be in Iowa visiting with CCI Action members on October 1 & 2 to discuss the latest in the looming budget showdown.

The Budget Showdown, implications for everyday Iowans, and what you can do to fight back!

By Amanda Devecka-Rinear


The outcomes of this year’s congressional and presidential elections are going to be critical in determining our nation’s future.

But – so will the two months that follow the Nov. 5 elections.

That’s because this “lame duck” session we are headed for a major budget showdown where our core values are on the line.

Up for debate is who pays in this country – the 1% or the 99% – and for what? And, your two Senators and five Iowa Representatives will be major actors in all the drama that will play out in DC and, ultimately, will be making the decisions that impact all of us.

What’s on the line?  Tax breaks and kick backs for the richest 2% and corporations – OR — much needed investments in our health, retirement security, education, jobs and infrastructure.

It’s that clear. 

If we don’t, at the very least, end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% and make sure Wall Street corporations are paying their fair share, we won’t be able to protect shared priorities like education and Medicare from another round of deep cutbacks.  We simply can’t afford to keep giving breaks to those who need it least.

As we approach the Presidential debate – we’ll have our own debate.  We’ll look at where Iowa’s current elected officials stand on these key issues.  Will they make the grade for Iowa?  When they go back to DC after Nov. 5 amongst the fire and brimstone talk of a “fiscal cliff” will they remember what everyday Americans know is common sense?

If we keep throwing tax breaks at Wall Street corporations and the richest among us – we’ll continue to have a stagnating economy with diminished opportunities and more wealth and power concentrated in the hands of a few. The choice is ours. If we stand together and claim this political moment we can create an economy of shared prosperity for all.


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