Top three takeaways from Dan McGrath, Director of TakeAction Minnesota

On Tuesday, September 17th, Director of TakeAction Minnesota Dan McGrath payed a visit to Iowa.

Dan is a powerful speaker with years of experience building people power; he visited Des Moines to help us secure more wins at the Statehouse, and advance our “People-First” agenda. Over 50 Iowans packed the CCI statewide headquarters. Here’s the lessons our members loved the most:

1. Politics and elections will either happen to you – or by you.

Sitting out of the game means you are letting corporations call the shots for you. It’s our job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

2. No political party will move your agenda for you.

As an independent political force, we must hold decision-makers accountable – regardless of their political party. Legislators that know they were elected by an engaged electorate will view the issues you care about from a different frame of reference than those that were elected simply along party lines.

3. What’s missing in politics is you.

Nobody can do it on their own – when we build a coalition amongst believers of a “Put People First” Iowa, and work together – we can paint a picture of what’s possible, and frame the electoral and political landscape.


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