Three questions to ask at the State Fair soapbox

You never know what might happen at the Iowa State Fair…

With all Iowa Congressional delegates and their challengers taking their turn at the State Fair soap box, it’s a great chance to push them on issues you care about and hold them accountable for their votes.

Here are the questions to ask:



1. Will you vote to end the Bush era tax cuts for the richest two percent?

Our Congressional delegation has a lot of explaining to do about their recent votes on the Bush-era tax cuts. In particular, Sen. Grassley and all our Representatives (except Braley) stood in the way of ending massive give-aways for the richest two percent of Americans and sacrificed a simple and fair fix to our tax code that would bring in nearly $1 trillion in revenue over the next decade.

Punchline: Are you going to vote for me or a tiny percentage of millionaires?

Read more on politicians who wrongly defend Bush Tax cuts and what lies ahead.


2. What are you going to do to raise revenue instead of cutting Social Security for current and future retirees?

There is only one simple solution to shoring up the shortfall in Social Security – scrap the cap on wages subject to the Social Security tax.  A vast majority of Americans pay into Social Security on 100% of their earnings – millionaires should too.  Scrapping the cap on Social Security, currently set at the first $110,100 in wages, would go a long way toward making Social Security solvent for the next generation and beyond.  Additionally, Medicare and Medicaid are promises to the American people and we need to get to work on controlling rising healthcare costs – not cutting modest benefits for the poor and elderly.

Punchline:  Don’t touch Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.


3. Ask Latham & King why they voted for the Ryan budget?

If there has ever been a 1% budget, the Ryan Budget is it.  From ending critical programs for the poor and middle class to giving even more tax breaks to the richest 2% the Ryan Budget has it all.  And yes, it even ends Medicare as we know it by turning it in to a private voucher program.  Read more here, but just understand the Ryan Budget isn’t about you or me, it’s about lining the pockets of Wall Street Fat Cats.

Punchline: Why did you vote to throw seniors and the middle class under the bus by supporting the Ryan Budget?


The Schedule

Wednesday, August 15:

10:00 am:  Representative Tom Latham

10:30 am:  Representative Steve King
(We’ll be joining CREDO activists to deliver King a cake for Social Security’s 77th birthday. Click here for info.)

1:30 pm:   Representative Dave Loebsack

3:30 pm:   Ben Lange (Republican challenging Bruce Braley)

Thursday, August 16:

10:00 am:  Representative Leonard Boswell

Friday, August 17:

3:00 pm:  John Archer (Republican challenging Dave Loebsack)


As always, please report back and let us know how it goes!


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