This could expand Social Security

Representative Linda Sanchez (D-CA) has just introduced a bill in the House that would expand Social Security benefits. HR 3118 is the House version of a Senate bill introduced by Iowa’s own Senator Tom Harkin.

This critical legislation would expand Social Security benefits for everyone, ensure that the annual cost of living adjustment for Social Security benefits actually reflects the true cost of living for seniors, and ensure that everyone pays their fair share into our Social Security system by “scrapping the cap” on payroll taxes.

Want to help expand Social Security?

Take 30 seconds TODAY, and call Representative Bruce Braley and Representative David Loebsack to ask they cosponsor HR 311:

    • Representative Bruce Braley – (202) 225-2911
    • Representative David Loebsack – (202) 225-6576

As budget negotiations are taking place over the next two weeks, it’s critical that Social Security supporters become Social Security champions by cosponsoring the expansion of Social Security through the Sanchez bill.

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