The community calls on GE – keep your promise!

GE - keep your promise!

In order to call attention to how corporate tax deals are hurting our economy, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, the Des Moines, Henry County Labor Council, and others held a a forum on Wednesday, October 23.

As a part of a larger campaign for community/worker justice and corporate accountability, the over 60 attendees called on GE to:

  • Keep their promise to the community – Don’t take our money and run
  • Understand that everyday Iowans want good jobs and livable wages, job security and stability, respect and dignity for workers, and companies to reinvestment in the community.
  • Make a long-term/long-haul commitment to stay in West Burlington and provide good-paying jobs with decent benefits.  And treat its employees with dignity and respect.

CCI member Cherie Mortice rocked the house as MC of the event, and got folks on their feet chanting and clapping. Special guests Dave Osterberg and Mike Owen from Iowa Policy Project, fiery union speakers, IA Sen. Tom Courtney, and the West Burlington mayor joined the event.

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