The Budget Showdown, Congress and You

There’s a showdown brewing right after the November 6 elections, and there’s a lot at stake for everyday folks across the country. That’s because our current elected officials will return to DC the week of November 12 to begin negotiating ways to avoid the fiscal cliff coming at years’ end.

At stake are the expiration of numerous tax cuts for both the richest 2% and everyday Americans.  Also on the horizon are the ramifications of sequestration – over $100 billion in mandatory cuts next year alone to defense spending and vital domestic programs like Head Start and health care – all because Congress chose to needlessly focus on deficit reduction rather than job creation and raising revenue.

If we are to get our economy back on track, we need to focus on raising revenue and investing in jobs and services that rebuild our economy from the ground up.

Sadly, we can’t look to whoever wins the presidency to lead us to prosperity.  Governor Romney believes we can cut our way to prosperity by voucherizing Medicare and slashing taxes for big corporations.  President Obama is only marginally better because of his obsession with striking a “Grand Bargain” that cuts Social Security and other vital public programs while raising a fraction of revenues from the wealthy and big corporations.  Both are selling us a “Grand Rip-off”.

Now, the November 6 elections matter, but are merely the first step to righting this ship.  The next step is for the American people to rise up and demand our elected officials return to DC to work for a Fair Deal or no deal.

A fair deal for the American people means:

  • ending the Bush era tax cuts for the richest 2%
  • strengthening Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid without cutting benefits
  • reinvesting in education, housing and infrastructure
  • implementing a robust jobs creation program to jump start economic growth.

And it’s up to us to make sure this happens.  Beginning November 8, working families alongside seniors and community groups across the country will hold events demanding an end to unnecessary tax breaks for the richest 2% and call for strengthening Social Security and other vital public programs.  It’s up to us to fight back against the austerity narrative that benefits corporate power over everyday people.


What you can do:

  • Join us November 8 in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Ames for a national day of action to send Congress back to work for We the People.  Click here for details.
  • Join us November 10 in Des Moines from 10am – 2pm for a day of challenging big money corporate lobbyists and holding our elected officials accountable.  Contact Matthew for more information or if you are able to attend.
  • Sign up for our email action list to get the latest updates.
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