Storytime with Leonard Boswell

On Monday CCI Action members held an issue briefing with Congressman Boswell in Greenfield.

Members gave personal testimony as to why we need to end the Bush era tax cuts for the rich, strengthen Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and begin to truly go after the Wall Street executives who crashed our economy and put these criminal offenders behind bars.

While Representative Boswell listened to our concerns and voiced general support for our issues, he seemed more interested in telling us stories about growing up on the farm and serving in the military than giving us a straight answer.

When asked why he voted in favor of the Republican plan to extend the Bush tax cuts for all – including millionaires – after voting for the Democrat plan to extend them for all but the top 2%, he claimed he wanted to make sure the middle class got their tax cut.  This is despite the fact that the House Republicans didn’t need his vote for passage of the bill.

Iowans deserve more than nuanced answers and stories from our elected officials.  We need to know, very clearly, whose side they’re on – everyday people or big corporations and the 1%.

This summer and fall, the candidates will be out in full force courting your vote.  When they do, ask them where they stand on issues like retirement security, tax breaks for millionaires and what we’ll do to raise much needed revenue to pay for critical programs that benefit everyday people.

The next opportunity to confront the candidates is – you guessed it – the Iowa State Fair!  Last year, we learned that Mitt Romney believes corporations are people.  We’re going back this year to hold all candidates for elected office accountable to we, the people!

Get the schedule for the candidate soapbox by clicking here.  And, don’t forget to check our calendar of events periodically as we will update you on candidate events across the state as they become known.

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