Romney/Ryan want to destroy social contract

“Paul Ryan’s budget plan is not good for folks like me,”says Barb Kalbach, a working nurse and fourth-generation family farmer from Adair County

Des Moines, Iowa —

The future of America’s tax code and the social contract between government and everyday people is now at the very center of the presidential election debate after GOP candidate Mitt Romney named Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee.

Paul Ryan is a rising star on the corporate rightwing of American politics for pushing a budget plan in the U.S. House that would cut Medicare and Medicaid while slashing taxes for corporations and the super-rich.

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are on a personal crusade to balance the budget on the backs of everyday people and hardworking families so their buddies on Wall Street can rake in even more corporate profits that they don’t need,” said Barb Kalbach, a fourth-generation family farmer from Dexter, Iowa and the president of the Iowa CCI Action Fund.

“Romney and Ryan want to cut Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs so corporations and the super-rich can get more tax cuts, and that ain’t right.”

“Iowa CCI Action Fund members call on leaders of both political parties to put communities before corporations and people before profits, end the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich, make corporations pay their fair share, and strengthen Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid without cutting benefits for seniors and the poor.”

Iowa CCI Action Fund members fight for a fully-funded, strong, and effective government that puts the interests of everyday people and hard-working families ahead of big-moneyed corporations.

The Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund is a 501c4 non-profit organization dedicated to building social, economic, and environmental justice through community organizing, education, and advocacy.