Richard tells Terry that access to mental health care is essential for Iowa

In my work in Peace and Justice, I talk to folks about living without having violence in their lives. Many respond by telling me that violence in their lives comes from those who lack the ability or resources to seek effective mental health services. They fall between the cracks of Iowa Health Care and Medicaid and the ability to have employer or self paid insurance that covers mental health care.

Expansion of Medicaid, as allowed under The Affordable Care Act will allow more Iowans to get the mental health care they need and their neighbors and relatives would like them to have.

As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act becomes fully implemented on the national level, Iowa must give up its petty obstructionist views and fully participate.


Richard Fischer


Agree with Richard?

TAKE ACTION! Tell the legislators serving on the Conference Commitee for Senate File 296, Medicaid expansion, to do what’s right for everyday Iowans – expand Medicaid!