Remind the presidential candidates who they work for

Can you join us this Thursday, Dec. 15, to remind the presidential candidates they must listen to us, the 99%, and not the big-monied 1%?

The GOP Presidential candidates will be back in Iowa this Thursday as they gather in Sioux City for yet another debate. We can expect more of the same pro-corporate, small-government rhetoric.

Before they step in front of the cameras and national airwaves Thursday night, we will take our “People First” message to the campaign offices of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney here in Des Moines that morning.

Elected officials and political leaders must remember that they represent “we the people,” not “we the corporations”. Vital programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are not for sale to Wall Street profiteers. We need an economy that works for all.

An economy that works for everyday people values and promotes homeownership and hard work. That’s why this Thursday we’ll also call for a simple yet bold “Win/Win” proposal to create jobs by keeping people in their homes.

Our friends at the New Bottom Line campaign just released a national report showing that reducing the principal owed on underwater mortgages not only keeps people in their homes, it stimulates the economy and leads to job creation.

Will you join us this Thursday as we release this report and call on Romney and Gingrich to address these issues?

We’ll meet at the CCI office (2005 Forest Ave, Des Moines) at 10am. Following a press conference we’ll board a bus and take our message to the Iowa campaign headquarters of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Reply to this email or call us at 515.255.0800 to let us know if you can attend.


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