Medicare ad hit IA03, IA04 airwaves

Iowans call on King, Latham to protect Social Security, Medicare


A radio ad airing today calls on Iowans to tell GOP Reps. Steve King and Tom Latham to protect Social Security and Medicare.

You can listen to the ads here:  King_IA_MIX_02Latham_IA_MIX_03.

King and Latham champion privatizing Social Security and turning Medicare into a voucher, plans that jeopardize the prospect of a secure retirement for millions of Iowa residents.

Both Congressman King Latham voted twice for the Ryan plan, which would end the current Medicare system and instead give seniors a voucher to get private health insurance. Non-partisan experts have said ultimately this would cost individuals $6,000 per year.

Iowans overwhelmingly say Medicare is an important issue to them.  Programs like Medicare are on the line with this election. Iowa’s third and fourth  congressional districts are so important to the future of Medicare.

The ad  calls on politicians to keep the promise of retirement security by taking a stand against cuts to these vital social insurance programs.


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