Medicaid Showdown Looms Large

On Thursday, April 4, the House Appropriations committee voted to pass a “shell” bill that has the intent of providing health care to Iowans.  But they did not pass Medicaid expansion, but will still “consider” it in the coming weeks.

Sound a bit confusing?  It is.  All you need to know is that a showdown looms in the House over Medicaid expansion and Branstad’s “Healthy Iowa Plan”.  And Branstad’s plan will make a “healthy Iowa” for only some.

If enacted, Medicaid expansion would offer health coverage to 150,000 additional Iowans. The expansion, a part of Barrack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, would cost nothing to the state of Iowa for three years- it would be fully funded by the federal government. After three years, federal funding would remain at at least 90%.

Branstad’s alternative to Medicaid expansion is insufficient- it provides limited coverage, with limited services, to just under 90,000 Iowans.  And it relies on pulling funds from county governments, hospitals and the general fund to the tune of $163 million a year.  That amount of money would fund an expansion of Medicaid for seven years.

We’re looking at a Medicaid showdown, and it’s up to the House to do the right thing.  In the coming weeks, there will be subcommittee meetings on both bills and a public hearing for citizens to make comment on both proposals.  It’s up to us to make our voices heard, and build a critical mass of support for expansion that Branstad and House Republicans cannot ignore.


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