LTE: Trickle down economics hasn’t worked for 32 years

Letter to the editor – Trickle down economics has not worked


After the market crash in 2008, I heard some talking heads on a radio show mulling over the possibility that people were going to have to tighten their belts. I thought, “Well, about time,” not realizing that the “people” to whom they referred were not the well-to-do but the long-suffering middle class and the poor.

Silly me.

Over the 32 years of our national experiment with trickle-down economics, middle-class wages have stagnated, our physical infrastructure has deteriorated, college has grown less affordable and pensions have given way to unreliable 401(k)s.

Now the Republicans want to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security? The vast majority of Americans who rely on any of those programs have already suffered enough. It is time for the 1 percent and the corporations to pay their fair share to the nation that has made them rich.

— Julia Rendon, Des Moines


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