LTE: Everyone, including wealthy, corporations, should pay fair share

Great letter to the editor calling out the Revenue Crisis and Making Wall Street Pay Their Fair Share that appeared in the April 12, 2012 Des Moines Register.

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Everyone, including wealthy, corporations, should pay fair share


Every year we grumble about having to file taxes. But despite that, I know those taxes keep the roads I drive on safe, the water my kids drink free of pollution, and they protect my community and my country.

Families just like mine pay our fair share because we take pride in the work we do and value our community.

It’s time that millionaires and corporations (like General Electric, which paid zero percent in corporate taxes last year,) pay their fair share on tax day, too. But Congress is considering bestowing even more tax giveaways to the super-wealthy, this time in the form of the budget by Paul Ryan and congressional Republicans.

Instead of creating jobs and protecting the future of America’s workforce, the Ryan budget takes retirement security away from Americans to give even deeper tax cuts to corporations and the super-wealthy.

Too many politicians have lost sight of just whom they’re supposed to represent — working people. Instead, they are serving people like corporate lobbyists and the richest 1 percent — and the middle class has eroded as a result.

It’s time for Congress to put our country’s needs ahead of politics. To strengthen America’s economy, we must create jobs and space for opportunities to grow, end the Bush-era tax cuts for the super-wealthy and pass the Buffett Rule so the wealthiest millionaires pay their fair share.

— Mark Cooper, president, South Central Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, Des Moines


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