HF295 will pass, but here’s an idea…

Today, the Senate State Government committee passed HF295, the bad preemption bill that will lower the minimum wage for nearly 100,000 Iowans and gut local control on minimum wage and other employment matters.

After nine years of inaction on Iowa’s paltry $7.25/hr minimum wage, four Iowa counties passed ordinances to raise their minimum wage in increments:

  • Johnson County is currently at $10.10/hr
  • Linn County is currently at $8.25/hr
  • Wapello County is currently at $8.20/hr
  • Polk County’s first increase to $8.75/hr is slated to go into effect April 1

In addition, Lee County just held the first of three votes in favor of raising their minimum wage to $8.20/hr.

HF295 will void these wage ordinances. This bill will also go into effect immediately. We have no doubt the Governor will sign it before April 1, when Polk County’s wage is slated to increase.

This is a clear example of putting profits before people.

Simply put, this is an attack on the low-wage and marginalized workers in our state – for the benefit of the Iowa Restaurant Association, Grocers Association, and the Association of Business and Industry – who all represent big business.

Here’s the deal – We absolutely think you should call your Senator and tell them to vote NO on this bad bill, we really do. They need to hear from you. Here’s the Senate Switchboard #: 515-281-3371.

But … we know it will pass. Today, we want to ask you to also do something a little different:  

We’re all thinking about the 2018 election. But 2018 can’t just be about political party finger-pointing. It doesn’t work; it’s not inspiring. We need candidates to run and believe in a bold issue platform, we need candidates who will fight for what we need. Why not start to push for that now?

Email your Senator today – Democrats, too – and ask them to introduce an amendment to HF 295 raising Iowa’s minumum wage to $15/hr. Will it pass? Who knows. But it’s a bold move for the Iowa we need to see. Take action now and tell your legislator to support a living wage of $15/hr. Click here for an easy action alert.

We need an economic and political system that works for all of us!

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