Hearing held on Schultz’s voter disenfranchisement shows the need for felon voting restoration

Senator Jeff Danielson and the Senate State Government committee held a hearing today to further investigate why three people were disenfranchised from voting in 2012.

CCI Action members attended the hearing to further understand how three Iowans were disenfranchised from voting and to see if Schultz’s office would present any tangible solutions to the problem.

“It’s troubling”, said CCI Action organizer Bridget Fagan. “In Secretary Schultz’s witch hunt, he’s disenfranchised eligible voters. It’s his job as chief elections officer to make sure no one is disenfranchised and he hasn’t done his job in that department.”

Debbie Bunka, CCI Action Fund member from Ames who also attended the hearing said, “There’s so much confusion out there about who’s eligible and ineligible to vote. Everything I saw today showed me the need to for felon voting rights restoration. And it needs to happen this session.”

Senator Dearden also highlighted the need for felon voting rights restoration. He said he will be coming out with his bill soon and hopes the Secretary will register in support of it.

Matt Schultz has yet to show any proof of voter fraud. He  needs to end his witch hunt immediately and do his job as Secretary of State and ensure no one is disenfranchised from voting and encourage all eligible voters to vote.

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