Governor Branstad fights the poor

According to the Des Moines Register, federal officials are holding off on approving the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan, Branstad’s proposed alternative to Medicaid expansion.

Officials are wary to approve the plan because Governor Branstad insists upon charging monthly premiums to the poor.

“The governor’s insistence on making the poor pay premiums for health insurance is troubling at the least, and downright insulting at worst given his push for even more tax breaks for the wealthiest and big corporations.” – Organizer Matthew Covington

In order to ensure tens of thousands of Iowans are not denied much needed coverage beginning in 2014, it’s our hope that federal officials will grant Iowa a temporary waiver for the duration of the 2014 state legislative session.  During that time, Branstad should work with House and Senate leadership to remove this burdensome component requiring those below the federal poverty level to pay monthly premiums.

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