Don’t rush tax cut bill just to get a deal

If elected officials are ready to ram a bad deal down the throats of everyday Iowans then they should be prepared to close corporate tax loopholes to pay for commercial property tax cuts


Des Moines, Iowa — Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund (Iowa CCI Action) members are calling on the Iowa legislature not to rush a commercial property tax cut bill just to “beat the clock” on an expiring legislative session during an election year, and warn that a political compromise could lead to bad policy that leaves everyday Iowans and Main Street communities holding the short end of the stick.

“Commercial property tax cuts stalled earlier this session because there was no consensus to move forward.  Rushing a deal now just to save face in an election year won’t allow Iowans the opportunity to have the full debate this issue deserves and could lead to bad public policy,” said Adam Mason, Iowa CCI Action’s State Policy Director.

“If Governor Terry Branstad, Speaker of the House Craig Paulsen, and Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal are intent on moving forward then they should be ready to offset lost revenue by closing corporate tax loopholes on out of state corporations doing business in Iowa.”

Combined corporate reporting would add at least $100 million a year to state coffers and make smaller, Iowa-based businesses more competitive.




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