1 quick action to show your support for Iowans with disabilities

Iowans deserve a healthcare system that puts people before corporate profits, and a recent poll shows that residents support doing just that – with increased wages for home healthcare workers and providing payment for family caregivers. That’s why we’ve created a petition calling on our next governor to create a Caregivers Advisory Caucus.

The Caucus would be made up of a mixture of Iowans who receive home care, those who directly provide that care, and those that direct the way care is delivered.

Add your name: Sign the petition calling for a Caregivers Advisory Caucus

The new Caregivers Advisory Caucus will shape the future of healthcare policy in Iowa, with an emphasis on long term care for seniors and people with disabilities.

And the people of Iowa agere with us.

A poll released last week by Iowa CCI and Caring Across Generations found that Iowans support increasing homecare worker wages and providing payment for family caregivers. 

Additionally, a majority of voters in the state (51%) support a state-level single payer healthcare system instead of plans administered by private healthcare companies. That support jumps to 75% when a long-term care program that provides services in the home is included – with majorities in support across the political spectrum.

This is further proof that healthcare and long term care aren’t Democrat or Republican issues. Everyday people believe caregiving is an issue that impacts us all.

We need to get profits out of healthcare and implement a single payer program that includes long term care.

More information about the poll, conducted by Lake Research Partners, can be viewed here.

Take action now: Sign the petition for the creation of the Caregivers Advisory Caucus in Iowa.

For a more caring Iowa,

Matthew Covington
Community Organizer

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