CCI Action gets last word at Medicaid public hearing

On Tuesday, April 16, the Iowa House held a 90 minute public hearing on Medicaid expansion.

90 minutes wasn’t even enough time to cover half of those who signed up to speak, most of whom were in favor of expansion.  That made it all the more fitting when Adam Mason got up to deliver the final testimony and spoke on behalf of CCI Action members unable to testify and the tens of thousands currently without health insurance in the state:

I’m Adam Mason, and I am with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund.


I want to share with the chamber a couple of stories we’ve heard from our members across the state on this critical issue.


From Angi – “I am a social worker assisting addicted Iowans into treatment.  Medicaid is extremely helpful in getting these persons the help that they need and helping drug treatment facilities provide services.”


From Penny – “as a mother of an adult bi-polar son, expansion of Medicaid is crucial to the mental health safety net in Iowa.  The Governor’s proposal to expand IowaCare will not include sufficient help for the mentally ill and it leaves too many people out of the health care system all together.  We are in a health care crisis in this state and the best way to address the crisis is the federally funded expansion of Medicaid.”


From Betty – “I don’t have any health care and need Medicaid expansion–please vote this in.”


There’s many more stories out there.  And we know there’s tens of thousands more folks just like Penny, Betty and Angi all across this state.

It is the duty of this chamber to enact sound public policy that benefits the most Iowans.


Medicaid expansion is that public policy.  It’s the right policy for our taxpayers.  It’s the right policy for our counties.  It’s the right policy for our hospitals.  Most importantly, it’s the right policy for over 100,000 everyday Iowans who are on the margins and one emergency away – regardless of personal responsibility – from a health-related disaster that burdens them and their families.


This chamber has a choice and it really couldn’t be more clear.  Of all the issues you consider this session, this will be the one that Iowans pay close attention to.  They expect you to do the right thing and pass Medicaid expansion immediately.  They will remember your vote on this.

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