Caucuses are over, time to focus on the Statehouse

Who’s ready to head to the Statehouse Jan. 10?

The Iowa Caucus season is over, and now that the corporate GOP candidates have left for New Hampshire, it’s time to pivot our focus to state politics and the 2012 legislative session.

Nearly 250 CCI members just like you from across the state have already RSVPed to attend our “Occupy the Statehouse/State of the 99 percent” rally and lobby day next Tuesday, January 10. And, we know we’ll be joined by some of our allies in the organized labor movement.

Will you join us by registering to attend today?

The big ideas we lifted up onto the national stage during the Iowa Caucus – our vision of a good government of, by, and for the people that puts the common good before corporate greed – will also have to be fought for and won at the state capitol during the 2012 legislative session.

Governor Terry Branstad is pushing the same corporate agenda to cut, de-regulate, and privatize vital public services on the state level that Mitt Romney is pushing on the federal level. And we know from experience that we can’t count on statehouse Democratic leaders – on issues like factory farms, predatory lenders, clean elections, and corporate tax loopholes – to stand up to big-money interests and pass policies that put people first.

That’s why it’s so important that everyday people stand up and fight back against corporate power. We can’t expect politicians from either party to do the right thing unless we’re there to make it happen. 

Join us this year as we mobilize for clean air and water and a state budget decisions that put our communities before corporations. 

RSVP for our Occupy the Statehouse rally day now!





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