Ai-jen Poo and Mary Kay Henry to speak at Iowa People’s Presidential Forum

By Iris Olivares
Right now, Iowans have an enormous amount of power to shape the direction of the future. A lot of people are depending on us Iowans to push the political field to meet the urgency of the moment, including immigrants, young people, workers, women, and people of color. I belong to all of those categories. My undocumented parents brought me to the US when I was eight months old, and Iowa is the only home that I’ve known. I applied to DACA when I was 16, and that’s why I was able to get a job providing long term care to clients in need.

My goal was to go to school and become a nurse, but I couldn’t accept the grants I got to go to college because of my legal status. I was caught in a low-paying job that was high stress for me and for my clients and their families who struggled to pay for care.
That’s why I’m so excited to announce that two of the country’s most important movement leaders, Mary Kay Henry, the President of SEIU, the largest healthcare union in America, and Ai Jen Poo, the Executive Director of National Domestic Workers Alliance and Caring Across Generations, will be at CCI Action’s Presidential Forum on Saturday, September 21!

Mary Kay Henry has been fighting for $15 and Unions for All for all people with the 1.1 million workers she represents, including nurses and home healthcare aides. Ai-jen Poo is the co-Executive Director of Caring Across Generations and has changed the conversation about long-term care, envisioning a caring economy that provides care to our children and aging parents and grandparents and everyone who needs care while also ensuring that those who provide that care earn a decent living and live with dignity. 
Care work is overwhelmingly done by immigrant women of color like me. I’m so grateful that I am now organizing for CCI Action, because all of these issues are connected. The only way we build a better world is if we build it together. The Presidential Forum on 9/21 is one of the most important opportunities of my lifetime where we can make that world a reality with fellow Iowans and amazing leaders like Mary Kay and Ai-jen. 

There is so much at stake. Our livelihoods, our health, our families. The most important movement leaders from across the country see the importance of this moment and have decided they need to be with us at the Iowa People’s Presidential Forum on September 21st.

Will you join us too

For a better Iowa, Iris Olivares
Racial justice and immigrant rights organizer
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