A majority of Iowans want this

raise the wage!

Momentum is building for an increase in the minimum wage.

A new Des Moines Register poll has revealed that nearly two-thirds of Iowans support an increase in the minimum wage. You can read the full article detailing the poll here.

There’s overwhelming support for workers in Iowa — and there’s never been a better time to take action.

Right now, there’s a bill in the IA Legislature that would raise the wage to over $10/hour. Senate File 2260 passed the first funnel of 2014, and is currently eligible for debate on the Senate floor.

Tuesday, March 11th, everyday Iowans will be battling for workers’ rights at the capitol at our Workers’ Lobby Day. RSVP here.

Later that week marks the second funnel, the date that bills must pass out of one chamber and out of a corresponding committee in the opposite chamber. It’s critical legislators hear from real people as they “funnel” bills out of consideration.

Be there to call on our legislators to support common-sense government that works for people – like raising the minimum wage and cracking down on wage theft.

Let us know you’re in: bit.ly/1llGA4K


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