$8.75 minimum wage bill survived the first funnel

The Iowa Senate voted in support of Senate File (SF) 269, a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $8.75/hr by July, 2016. All 26 Democrats voted in favor and only one Republican – Senator Bertrand – voting in support.

Iowa CCI Action Fund members stand firm that $8.75 isn’t enough – it’s still a starvation wage and we’re going to continue fighting for more.

According to the Iowa Policy Project, a single person in Iowa needs to make at least $13 hour to make ends meet. A single parent with two children would need to make over $28 an hour to make ends meet.

HF 71, a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $10.10/hr with indexing by 2017 did not survive the first funnel. CCI Action members believe this bill is already a compromise but a good first step towards a living wage.

We are pushing for a $15/hr minimum wage so no one working full time lives in poverty. The “Fight for $15” has been a growing nationwide trend. Fast food workers and people across the country are standing up and demanding a $15/hr minimum wage.

Raising the minimum wage is a winning issue. Four GOP states (Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota) raised their minimum wage through ballot referendum last November.

We encourage the Senate Democrats to take bold leadership next session and push for a living wage bill. Iowa workers deserve it.


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