5 things we learned at the Capitol yesterday

Yesterday, more than 30 CCI watchdogs, like you, from across the state testified at public hearings on economic development, budget and tax policy, and we made a big impact.

Here’s the full press roundup that gives a glimpse of the incredible “put people first” impact you had yesterday:



And, here is what we learned about Gov. Branstad’s corporate agenda for the coming 2013 legislative session:


1.  Not only will Branstad continue to push for hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies to out of state corporations like he did with the Orscom fertilizer plant in Lee county, he is going to try to lift the cap on the amount of corporate subsidies he can give out every year, from $125 million to $185 million.

Remember, this is our money we’re talking about, the same money Branstad says there’s not enough of to fully fund the Iowa DNR, crackdown on wage theft, expand Medicaid, or to ensure our public employees are getting a fair contract.

2.  For every legislative champion we have at the statehouse like Sen. Joe Bolkcom (D-Iowa City) – who wants more and effective public oversight over the state’s economic development agency – we have a legislative opponent like Rep. Tom Sands (R-Wapello) who will block every attempt to hold more public hearings on corporate handouts.

3.  Branstad is going to try and use the $1 billion surplus rainy day fund to push for corporate tax cuts rather than reinvesting in the critical and valued public services (education, environmental protections, and health-care) that have faced cuts for years.

4. Branstad is willing to take extraordinary measures to squash dissent of his pro-corporate/anti-democratic policies, limit citizen involvement and public participation in budget negotiations, and otherwise attempt to shut down legitimate opposition to his corporate agenda.

5. When organized people mount a grassroots fight back, we can inspire everyday Iowans to stand up and speak out alongside us. Branstad’s attempts to intimidate us will backfire as long as we stand strong.

We can’t let Branstad push us around.

That’s why it’s so critical that we mobilize hundreds and hundreds of people across the state for our “Money Out, People In:  Kickoff at the Capitol” on Tuesday, January 15, from 9am – 4pm.


RSVP today to help send a strong message to Branstad, state legislators, other decision-makers, and the rest of Iowa a that economic and environmental justice, workers rights, equality and fairness for all, and a democratic system that we can believe in are all still on the table.

Are you in?


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