2016 Convention Feature: Les Leopold



In need of great information to help us win our day to day battles for justice and democracy? Don’t miss Les Leopold! He’s the author of “Runaway Inequality” and will talk about the roots of our current economic crisis and how it relates to all of our issues from the workplace to our environment.  Together, we’ll explore how breaking down issue silos can help us build the powerful mass movement we need to fight back and win.


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The progressive movement over the last generation has fractured into a series of issue-based organizations – thousands of them with really smart and committed staff. We have organizations that focus on immigration, race, gender, environment, labor and so on. Inevitably, those organization develop silos to allow them to secure the resources to survive. But tackling runaway inequality requires that these silos at the very least become more porous and link together around a broad-based, common agenda as the Populists did in the late 19th century.

— Les Leopold


Check out a Truthout interview with Leopold here, find him on Twitter here, and read some of his writing here!



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