ANNOUNCING: Our endorsement for governor

Our vision for changing “business as usual” politics starts and stops with people.

That’s why CCI Action is about taking on the corrosive influence of big money special interests. And, that’s why CCI Action is about energizing, engaging, and bringing real people into the center of our political system.

That’s how we’ll win an Iowa that puts clean water first; that serves the common good not corporate ag or big oil; where we stop wage theft and racial profiling; and work to make sure Iowans get paid a living wage.

Nobody’s going to move that agenda for us. It’s up to us to engage and deliver. We have to build political power to win.

We’re happy to announce we’ve found a gubernatorial candidate who agrees with us.

We’re endorsing Cathy Glasson for Governor!

Commit to Caucus for Cathy on Monday, February 5 –>> click here!

Watch the announcement event below:

We’re with Cathy … and the movement!

This endorsement is a big step for us.

It’s not a decision we made lightly. This endorsement came at the end of a two month process, led by a 27-member endorsement committee, that included a candidate questionnaire, four in-person candidate screening meetings, a member survey, and lots of discussion.

We’re standing with Cathy Glasson’s campaign, because Cathy stands with us:  
  • She’s a longtime CCI Action member and union organizer with a history of fighting alongside everyday people on movement issues.
  • She has bold positions on our People & Planet First issues — people’s movement issues: 
    • clean water, not factory farm pollution (read more)
    • healthcare for every Iowan (read more)
    • Fight for $15 and stronger union rights
    • And, she’s the only gubernatorial candidate who knows pipelines have no place in our clean energy future (read more)
  • She knows we need to do politics differently.
    • She knows elections are an opportunity to engage and build the base of people needed to push our issue fights once she’s elected.
    • Most importantly, she shares our understanding that no single candidate will solve the problems facing everyday people. She agrees that in order to win on the issues that matter most to us, we need a movement of Iowans standing up, speaking out, engaged, and active in their communities, and in the streets, 365 days a year – not just at election time.

Cathy’s campaign is an opportunity to build the movement and do politics differently!

This will be a working endorsement. With our new state PAC we will organize alongside Cathy from the caucus to the primary to the general election. And, when she wins, we’re excited to co-govern with her. (Hey, Farm Bureau and the insurance lobby do it; why not a people’s organization?!) 

Join us for this exciting next step in our organizing to put People & Planet First! You’re the most important part of CCI Action! Your involvement and support make big change possible.

Caucus for Cathy Glasson on Monday, February 5

Click here to say I’M Caucusing for Cathy!


Help lift up our key issues and push our political system in a new direction. Help make a bold statement about what politics and elections can look like.

Thanks so much for all you do,

Barb, Kenn, Larry, Natalie, and Vern
Your Iowa CCI Action Fund Board

 The Des Moines Register called Cathy’s campaign “an emerging dark horse” in the race. We know it! We’ve been filling rooms across the state with new supporters. We’re fighting for Cathy. And when we fight, we win. Let us know you’re in!

Learn more about the Cathy Glasson for Governor campaign:

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