Show your support for SF2280 – make racial profiling illegal in Iowa

Horrific cases of racial profiling have made national news, and we’ve seen local cases in Iowa. It’s impossible to ignore that we need to do something so people of color can move safely about their lives.

Sen. Brad Zaun (R-Urbandale) introduced an anti-racial profiling bill (SF2280, formerly SSB1177) this session. It passed the Senate Judiciary Committee (9-4 vote) on February 14. In a time where we’re seeing horrible legislation being introduced and passed, this is a good bill we can fight for.

It’s going to take many lawmakers hearing from many of you to get this bill on the Senate floor. Our legislators need to hear that we want them to bring this bill up for a vote.

Thirty states already have laws on the books – this legislation is long overdue in Iowa.

TAKE ACTION NOW – Take a moment to write your legislator using this simple form.

Some key elements to this bill include but are not limited to:

  • Provides minimum course study and minimum basic training requirements relating to racial profiling prevention
  • Establishes a policing advisory board – this board is independent of the police so there is a fair look at police complaints and the board must be racially and ethnically diverse and gender balanced
  • Requires a standard notice form to be provided informing the individual of their right to file a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission if the individual believes they have been a victim of profiling
  • Requires data collection of traffic stops and data analysis of those stops

Take action now – tell your legislators to support SF2280. Use our form to write an email.

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