Election 2020: Our endorsements and preferences

We have big plans for Iowa. This year, we need to make Joni Ernst a one-term senator and Donald Trump a one-term president. 

But we also need so much more than that. Over the next two years, we need to build statewide people power to defeat Kim Reynolds in 2022 and build sustainable, transformative alternatives to her corporate politics.

That’s why, today, we’re excited to announce the candidates that CCI Action members have selected as our endorsed and preferred choices for the 2020 elections. 

Right now, Kim Reynolds and her cronies co-govern with corporations and the rich. We need to build long-term political power so the elected officials we replace them with will co-govern with the people. That’s how we build the future we deserve.

Imagine an Iowa where:

  • Our elected officials come from our movements, and they fight for the interests of our communities, not corporations.
  • When considering agricultural policy and clean water issues, the governor and national elected officials work with family farmers, Sunrise Movement leaders, and environmental scientists instead of calling the Farm Bureau, the Cattlemen’s Association, or the Pork Producers.
  • When addressing police and state violence against Black and Brown communities, state officials strategize with immigrant communities, Black Lives Matter leaders and survivors of police brutality instead of unquestioningly trusting ICE and police departments.
  • When voting to protect and expand workers’ rights, your state senator consults with the unions in their district, not corporate CEOs or the Chamber of Commerce.
  • When making decisions about healthcare, Iowa’s public health officials listen to uninsured and underinsured Iowans, not lobbyists for Big Pharma, MCOs and the insurance companies.
  • When voting to fully fund higher education, your state representative meets with poor, formerly incarcerated, and undocumented students at Iowa’s universities instead of trusting administrators and the Board of Regents.

That’s the future we’re working towards. It’s also why, today, we’re proud to announce CCI Action’s endorsed and preferred candidates. 

These candidates are the best strategic choices to help us build long term people power in the state, to flip the Iowa Statehouse, and to oust Gov. Reynolds in 2022.

Endorsed candidates:

  • Chris Schwartz for Black Hawk County Supervisor

Preferred Candidates:

  • Joe Biden for President
  • Eric Giddens for Senate District 30 (Black Hawk County)
  • Theresa Greenfield for Senate
  • Jennifer Kakert for House District 92 (Scott County)
  • Kayla Koether for House District 55 (Winneshiek County)
  • Rhonda Martin for Senate District 20 (Polk County)
  • Sarah Trone Garriott for Senate District 22 (Polk County & Dallas County)

Can you help Iowa get to a brighter, people-first future? Make calls with us tonight, or join the training for our deep conversations program on Monday, Sept. 28.

There are many important races in Iowa, all up and down the ballot. If a race you’re interested in isn’t addressed by our endorsed and preferred candidates, we recommend that you look up the candidates you’re interested in and give them a call to ask about their stances on the issues you are voting on.

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