Des Moines Partnership: Drop Steve King Now

Despite recieving more than 200 emails and calls in less than six hours from area residents calling on them to cancel a candidate event with Congressman Steve King, Greater Des Moines Partnership CEO Jay Byers indicates that the event will go on.

“It’s wrong for the Greater Des Moines Partnership to continue with business-as-usual in this moment. This isn’t about political difference; this is a moral issue and a wake up call,” said Hugh Espey, Iowa CCI Action Fund Director.

“Steve King bears some responsibility as most prominent public figure, propagator and normalizer of white supremacy in this moment. The type of rhetoric he spews incited violence that killed 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh just days ago. It is dangerous to amplify the spokespeople for anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant hate in this moment.”

Click here to view our letter to the Greater Des Moines Partnership on why they must cancel their event and cut ties with Steve King.

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