We won!

Last night, CCI Action endorsed candidates Indira Sheumaker (Des Moines Ward 1) and Ross Grooters (Pleasant Hill At Large) both won their seats for city council.

After three months of registering new voters and calling residents to turn out to the polls, CCI Action held 1,440 conversations with residents. Our ability to impact elections and lift up our issues is only possible through the resolute work of our volunteers – thank you!

Our candidates’ campaigns and our conversations with voters centered on issues:

  • Public safety and racial justice solutions that invests in our communities instead of police,
  • The municipalization of utilities for a healthy environment and climate,
  • Affordable housing for all, and
  • A government and economy run by the people and our needs instead of corporate power.

Last night affirms what we’ve known for a long time: when people with our vision and values run as candidates and we turn voters out to vote on our issues, we win.

But we also saw record turnout throughout the state in support of reactionary school board candidates running on the platform of overturning mask mandates, revoking support for LGBTQ+ staff and students, and limiting or banning the teaching of race and U.S. history.

This is not just a strategy for school board. This is a strategy to create a candidate pipeline for bigger elected seats.

To meet our opposition’s stranglehold of governing power and to win the Iowa we need and deserve, we need you to run for office.

Yes, literally you.

We want to support you in getting the tools and information on how to run! From School Board to County Board of Supervisors to State Legislature, we want you to run. Apply for our candidate and campaign worker training here.

You can also support our work to get more Movement Politics Candidates trained and ready to run by donating here.

In solidarity and celebration,

Catherine Lewin (they/them)
Movement Politics Organizer