We need more people voting instead of putting up roadblocks for those who are eligible

Secretary of State Schultz has yet to produce a single conviction around voter fraud in Iowa. Nope, not one.

Yet, rules and laws are being proposed to alter our voting system in Iowa.

The Secretary of State’s office will gain access to the SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) database, a federal immigration database it can use to investigate potential voter fraud. Sec. Schultz needs the SAVE database in order to implement his new voter rule which CCI members feel targets immigrant members of our community. The rule would send out intimidating letters to individuals whose citizenship is in question, asking them to prove their citizenship, voluntarily remove themselves from the voter roll or if the Secretary’s office does not here from the individual for whatever reason, will remove them from the voter roll over a period of time.

What’s the current status of the rule?

CCI asked Matt Schultz when letters would go out and what the letters say. Charlie Smithson, Legal Counsel for Schultz said there is still much to work out. They do not have a date set for letters to go out and a final version of the letter has not been written.

Schultz still has an uphill battle.

The ACLU and LULAC have sued Sec. Matt Schultz around this voter rule, originally filed last year. They are now calling on the judge to issue a ruling on the lawsuit.

We need more people voting.

CCI members believe we need more people voting, not put up road blocks for folks who are eligible to vote. We will continue to push for legislation that expands access, so all who are eligible can play an active part in our electoral system.