Voter ID rears its ugly head again!

Voter ID = Voter Suppression

A Voter ID bill has reared its ugly head again this year at the Iowa Legislature, and we need you to stop it!

Last Year:

You already know that Voter Identification is just a solution in search of a problem. That’s why we weighed in and stopped House File 95 last year – a VOTER ID bill that made it through the Iowa House of Representatives but stalled in the Iowa Senate.

Back from the dead:

Secretary of State Matt Schultz has vowed to push the Voter ID bill that was stopped last year. So it will be up to us again this year to weigh in and stop it! Fortunately, there isn’t much interest in the legislature to take this up again.

What is Voter ID?

Voter Identification laws add additional, unnecessary identification requirements either at registration or voting. These restrictions hinder Iowans’ efforts and ability to exercise their responsibility to participate in elections.

  • While Republicans say that they are trying to stop Voter Fraud, there hasn’t been a case of Voter Fraud in Iowa in quite a while.
  • Forcing folks to show IDs before voting could affect as many as 11% of Iowans who don’t have a “valid” photo ID.
  • From seniors born in a farmhouse, to college students who are considered Iowan for every other purpose, to low income folks, Voter ID laws target vulnerable groups of people and end up reducing voter turnout.

CCI Action members believe that instead of repressive Voter ID Laws, we should continue to focus on opening the voting process with programs like Universal Registration (where every eligible voter is automatically registered to vote at age 18). Another great step would be to pass Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) to get big money out of our political system!

Stay Tuned:

We will continue to monitor the Voter ID bills from last year and the new ones being introduced this year. If it looks like some steam is gaining for these bad bills, we will let you know and ask you to take action!


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