They haven’t counted all the votes yet. 

Election Day was yesterday. Iowa’s Senate race and the presidential election are still “too close to call.” This morning, CNN said that there won’t be a total ballot count for another two weeks.

Trump is trying to say he won. So is Joni Ernst. But there are so many Iowa ballots left to be counted! That’s why I’m glad that, on October 20th, 2020, just two weeks before November 3rd, 
I joined CCI Action’s efforts to get out the vote.

I know that I did everything I could to add to the vote tally, and now I have a team to work with. CCI Action is still fighting to make sure every vote counts and every vote is counted. 

I joined the CCI Action phone bank because I knew we needed to win by a historic margin. I felt frustrated and afraid, and I needed to do something.

(You still have 5 days to join CCI Action’s Get Out The Vote phone bank — sign up at this link today!)

The CCI Action phone bank was different than partisan political phone banking. It was grounded in hope. It helped me get to know my neighbors. It was about voter turnout and building real relationships for big political change. 

They haven’t counted all the votes yet, but Trump has declared victory. In a speech this morning, he said he’ll never concede, even if the ballots show he lost. He’s rambling on about a “corrupt process,” but we all know he’s lying.

They haven’t counted all the votes yet, but those in power sure have a lot to say:

  • Democratic pundits and party officials are telling us that we should just “trust the process,” and that time and a careful recount will ensure a Biden victory and a Senate sweep. I don’t believe them — they’ve failed us before.
  • Republicans are illegally trying to stop vote-counting. Trump, Joni Ernst, and Chuck Grassley have endorsed the movement, backed up by white men carrying guns at the Statehouse who are threatening recount attempts.

They haven’t counted all the votes yet, but CCI Action members are doing politics differently. We’ve joined a broad coalition of Democracy Defenders, who are in the streets today to make sure that every vote is counted. It all started with the October 20 phone bank. 

We’re seeing photos of mass protests, from Mason City to Muscatine. These demonstrations are a joyful revolution, refusing to give in to fear, intimidation or division. Iowans are coming together. 

CCI Action didn’t just work to win an election. We’re still working to build a people-powered movement for change.

They haven’t counted all the votes yet…

But you have a chance to build a better future with CCI Action. We can make Donald Trump a one-term president and Joni Ernst a one-term senator. We can build a future where every vote counts and every vote is counted. 

Our first step is to win this election.

Join our get-out-the-vote calls on October 20th.

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